The Klipptones

Why the Klipptones Are Looking for 5 Red Wigs

2014 was a year of big changes and growth for the Klipptones.

On a grand scale, we finished a nearly yearlong residency at the Palace, and started a new one at a swanky private joint in downtown San Francisco. It’s got gorgeous views, bad-ass cocktails, and now some of the best live music in town.  (By the way, we have a guest list so email me if you ever want to get fancy with us).

The band had some personnel changes, most noticeably our lady singer became a gorgeous redhead and we band dudes learned how quickly this turns heads. So we’re currently searching for 5 killer red wigs, if anyone has any leads…

And speaking of band dudes, we all experienced our own bits of personal growth. Sax player Jesse Levit, aka the voice of Christian Slater, took up the melodica and practices it after each marathon he runs. Or so I’m told. Bass player Eric 'the' Vogler set a new land speed record for solving the Rubik’s cube. Guitarist Bob “Chuck Berry” Brumbeloe attended his family’s 150th reunion (and asked me to clarify that he hasn’t been to all of those). Drummer Claudio “hip hop” Rochat-Felix moved to the Bay Area from NYC by way of Seattle and managed to find the seediest rehearsal studio space in town. (And there are some pretty seedy ones, my friends.) And lady singer Mayra Swatt endured the band’s many experiments with her nicknames including “Ginja Ninja” and “Big Red”. So far, she likes it best when we end our gigs with The Spaniel’s classic, “Goodnight, Swattheart, Goodnight.”

And me, well I herded this crazy band of cats everywhere from Union Square to the Fillmore Jazz Fest, up to Marin and Sonoma, out to Livermore and Danville. We put together tons of new tunes and charts which make me swoon. And that’s weird, because I’m the lead singer. But through all the chaos, we laughed, partied, argued a little, then hugged it out, and made incredibly beautiful music together, full of love for the art and each other. What a privilege and gift.

There are few things I love more than my band, and I thank you for loving them too. Here’s to a new year of music, dancing, and squeezing the juice out of every moment that is this crazy, wonderful ride called life. xo Josh

PS - HOW COULD I ALMOST FORGET!! We're starting an exciting new swing event called "Second Sunday Swing" which is - you guessed it - the second Sunday of the month!!

Neck of the Woods (the old Rockit Room) is opening its doors to swing dancers - that's you! Sundays 2/8, 3/8 and 4/12, 2-5pm. NO COVER and a band who loves you - that's us! So when you're done at LITP, walk on over to Neck of the Woods and keep your dancing feet moving like the weekend you thought couldn't get any better. And then it did. Neck of the Woods is located at 406 Clement Street, between 5th and 6th Ave. COME DANCE WITH US!!

1/15/15 UPDATE: We couldn't find the wigs so Mayra just lent us her hair. What do you think...a bunch of knockouts...right?!