The Klipptones

Why I Have the Best Band in the World

Because no matter where I drag them (bars all the way out in Livermore, parking lots next to Chevron stations in Millbrae, rickety boat houses in Point Reyes); no matter what I ask them to wear (kilts, piano key ties, Santa hats); no matter what music I throw on them (Ricky Martin, Elvis, Bruno Mars); no matter how hot the day or cold the night, my band always finds the bright side of the gig. Whether it’s the food trucks, the free beer, the pretty people, or the jackpot parking spot, my players find the sunshine and keep their sense of humor as close as they keep time. So to my guys (and our little band sister, Mayra) I dedicate this tune:


My Klipptones: I love you. You make such beautiful music and, in turn, make this world a more beautiful place.  How lucky I am to be your bandleader.