The Klipptones

What My Band Thinks of Me

I recently wrote a blog about why I have the best band in the world. At a recent rehearsal/recording session, my sax player Jesse returned the favor. Here's the story:

We needed to do a holiday tune demo, so I hauled the band into Lennon Rehearsal Studios one Sunday morning, set up a microphone into the board for each player, and for the next 2 hours recorded every lovely sound. That afternoon I reviewed all the audio to whittle down our takes into a short demo. While listening through the 120 minutes plus of stuff, I came across a moment when Jesse - our sax player - leaned down into his mic and said "Josh is such a nice guy", which made me laugh cry so hard I decided to make a little song out of it. Short and sweet, here it is:


Thanks Jesse :) And thanks to the band that made this super sweet holiday demo: