The Klipptones

The Morning After

The life of a musician is as sexy as it sounds. Here’s a little peek into the morning after a night of making beautiful music.

Even though last night was the third of three consecutive nights playing, I didn’t sleep in. Instead, I woke up at 6:45am to drive out to Lake Merced to pick up a golf bag from a seller on Craigslist. Why? Because golf bags are a great way to carry stands and I’m tired of getting my fingers crunched. Oh, you meant why did I have to get up at 6:45am? Because the seller said he had to go to work and I needed to show up by 7:30am, and to call when I was close. So I did just that – rode all the way out to Lake Merced at the ass crack of day – only to get a text message from him saying “Sorry, not home” as I waited outside his apartment building. The worst part is that I also dragged my girlfriend and dogs along convincing my lady that we’d take a romantic early morning walk on the beach afterward. I can’t believe she puts up with me.

We drove out to the ocean and, as we walked along I looked over at her, hat pulled down over her bed head, little dog tucked into her down vest, sweat pants billowing in the ocean breeze in front of a stormy looking sky and crashing Pacific waves. And all I could think was how much I am in love with her. She rubbed her eyes and looked at me, “Do you think there’s anywhere around here we could find some gluten free pancakes?”

Thirty minutes later we were back home, her on the couch snuggling with dog, me in the kitchen making pancakes, bacon and eggs. After we ate she drifted back to sleep, and I went back to work responding to an email asking for a band for a fundraiser, another for a birthday party, all while under the headphones, listening to music we recorded live a couple nights earlier. Here’s one of the tracks I broke out.  Sometimes_Im_Happy_Klipptones.mp3

And that’s what it’s like the morning after a night of making beautiful music. xo Josh