The Klipptones

A Day in the Life


Between getting married, getting a new puppy, and gigging like a mad man, well, life is full - and full of beautiful, awesome things. 

Exciting Summer Swing News!!


We will never stop working for more places for you to dance. We will always do what we can to make dance floors accessible to everyone. And we will always play our hearts out for you.

What My Band Thinks of Me


I recently wrote a blog about why I have the best band in the world. At a recent rehearsal/recording session, my sax player Jesse returned the favor. Here's what he had to say about me.

The Morning After


The life of a musician is as sexy as it sounds. Here’s a little peek into the morning after a night of making beautiful music.


Swingin' Blues


Lately I've been into swingable blues, sometimes of the dirty blues variety. Here are a few of my favorites, including one that the band can't seem to play with a straight face. 

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